About us

Founded in 1989, ID-AERO provides insights, data, comment and reporting on current and future trends in civil aviation and military aerospace. As a grouping of consultants and internationally recognized experts, ID-AERO is the preferred partner of the largest players in the industry. Our information helps you lift off into new ventures.

Information is vital to you as a player or commentator of the civil aviation and military aerospace industries. We provide current news and insight into strategic trends. We home in on technological breakthroughs, sales numbers, key data in the economic, financial and sociological fields, air traffic forecasts and much more.

As completely independent observers and reporters, we are an invaluable source of information for your strategic and industrial decision-making.

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Who are we ?

ID AERO is an acknowledged wholly independent investigator and reporter of trends in the aerospace industry.

What they say about us

“ “ «...Keep on producing this beautifully documented magazine, and above all, if I dare say so, your occasionally disquieting insights. They’re more than welcome in an environment too frequently consensus-ridden, not to say sheep-like! »” E.D.

““«In ID AERO publications I find summaries and comments from an independent stance not found anywhere else in French language publications. »” J-M.R.

““«After reading the supplement on Latest Spark from Electricity Genie, I plunged with delight into the rest of the publication. I felt I could have written it all myself, it’s great for once to feel you’re not the only one out there. » B.G.”

«For those who are interested in aviation, I highly recommend reading the monthly results table AERO ID office. We learn lots of interesting information. » J-L.B

Our partner

ID AERO and JIS united their strengths to create the best air traffic, airline companies and fleets in service data in the world. This French-American association meets the needs of an always more requiring World regarding data.

Of the concluded agreement, it will result that from now on ID AERO will market in Europe both products: MTdR and WJI. Mutually JIS will market the same products in the United States.

Jet Information Services, Inc. is one of the most respected and reliable commercial jet fleet references in the aviation industry. Jet Information Services, Inc. provides comprehensive annual and quarterly status reports of the world commercial jet fleet.

The World Jet Inventory subscription includes quarterly and annual point in time commercial jet fleet databases online and via CD. In addition, a WJI subscription includes historical annual fleet statistics from 1952 to current. WJI tables and charts summarize the current fleet status and also provide an excellent resource of historical annual fleet information.

Our team

Other collaborators : Yvette Donas - Secrétaire de rédaction du TBM, rubriques Spatial, Hélicoptères. Pierre Orlan - Rédacteur en chef du TBM.