Commercial aircraft fleet reports databases


WJI détaille la flotte mondiale des avions de ligne à réaction et à turbopropulseurs. WJI contient l'ensemble des avions occidentaux à réaction de 30 sièges et plus, ainsi que les modèles récents de gros avions à turbopropulseurs. Y figurent aussi une sélection d'avions russes ainsi que les nouveaux avions asiatiques. Disponible seulement en anglais.

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WJI en bref

Plus de
23 000
avions listés
Plus de
tableaux et graphiques de data

L'abonnement au WJI comprend :

  • Comprehensive listing of the world commercial
    jet fleet with over 23,000 aircraft.
  • Over 150 tables and charts of current and historical data
  • Spreadsheet formatted CD’s
  • Easy to use online database
  • Extensive historical info
  • Quarterly updates
  • Extensive summary statistics
  • Customized reports
  • Personal support
  • Industry wide data source
  • Economically priced

World Jet & Turboprop Inventory annual subscription features:

  • WJIT year-end annual report (CD) and online
  • Quarterly updates (CD) and online
  • Comprehensive online fleet databases
  • Online summary charts and tables
  • New turboprop inventory included

Manufacturers models reported:

  • Airbus • ATR • BAE systems • Boeing
  • Bombardier • Douglas
  • Embraer • Fairchild/Dornier
  • Fokker • Lockheed • Saab
  • Other retired models

WJI tables and charts include:

  • Gross/net orders by year/model/mfr-order detail for recent and current year
  • Deliveries by year/model-delivery detail for current year
  • Backlog by year/model
  • Retirements/write-offs by year/model
  • Total stored aircraft by month/year
  • Freighter conversions and deliveries by year
  • Chronology of first model series deliveries

Commercial jet and turboprop (>30 seat) fleet inventory by:

  • Model/series/manufacturer
  • Serial number, registration
  • Operator/owner - region/country
  • Operator category (airlines, govt, etc)
  • Status (stored, leased, in service)
  • Use (passenger, freighter,VIP, etc)
  • Engine model/series/manufacturer
  • Age and original delivery date
  • Seats, MTOW, body styles
  • Selected Russian aircraft included.

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