Commercial aircraft fleet reports databases


View the world's commercial jet and turboprop fleet. WJI reports the status of all Western built jets, 30 seats and above, and recent large turboprop models. Selected Russian, and new regional Asian aircraft are also included.

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L'abonnement au WJI comprend :

  • Comprehensive listing of the world commercial
    jet fleet with over 23,000 aircraft.
  • Over 150 tables and charts of current and historical data
  • Spreadsheet formatted CD’s
  • Easy to use online database
  • Extensive historical info
  • Quarterly updates
  • Extensive summary statistics
  • Customized reports
  • Personal support
  • Industry wide data source
  • Economically priced

World Jet & Turboprop Inventory annual subscription features:

  • WJIT year-end annual report (CD) and online
  • Quarterly updates (CD) and online
  • Comprehensive online fleet databases
  • Online summary charts and tables
  • New turboprop inventory included

Manufacturers models reported:

  • Airbus • ATR • BAE systems • Boeing
  • Bombardier • Douglas
  • Embraer • Fairchild/Dornier
  • Fokker • Lockheed • Saab
  • Other retired models

WJI tables and charts include:

  • Gross/net orders by year/model/mfr-order detail for recent and current year
  • Deliveries by year/model-delivery detail for current year
  • Backlog by year/model
  • Retirements/write-offs by year/model
  • Total stored aircraft by month/year
  • Freighter conversions and deliveries by year
  • Chronology of first model series deliveries

Commercial jet and turboprop (>30 seat) fleet inventory by:

  • Model/series/manufacturer
  • Serial number, registration
  • Operator/owner - region/country
  • Operator category (airlines, govt, etc)
  • Status (stored, leased, in service)
  • Use (passenger, freighter,VIP, etc)
  • Engine model/series/manufacturer
  • Age and original delivery date
  • Seats, MTOW, body styles
  • Selected Russian aircraft included.

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