Consultancy Services

ID AERO supports project management by providing input and materials to assist in strategic decision-making. Our remit also includes detailed or broader assessment of market status .

ID AERO’s MTR Monthly Traffic Report provides valuable information on actual and potential cyclical factors affecting air traffic. In the light of observed trends, MTR assesses the likelihood of their inflection or reversal .

Examples of studies: :

  • MTR and the Chinese market
  • Freighter market and assessment of Antonov 70
  • Twin-engine trainer aircraft investment opportunities
  • F406 and its future


When studies are performed by ID AERO at customer request, intellectual property rights revert to the commissioning client. Investigatory and analytical work undertaken in our own right is however published in our TBM Monthly Bulletin or may be a basis for disclosure and discussion with expert invited audiences.

Examples of studies: :

  • Turboprop market
  • Maintenance contracts by flight hours
  • High power aviation engines
  • Last spark of the Electricity Genie
    (publication on general release)

Our skills

ID AERO relies on a team of pluri-disciplinary engineers and specialists. All have acquired extensive experience in the civil and military fields by direct association with plane and engine makers or with government and associated administrative bodies.

MTR - Monthly Traffic Report

MTR is an advanced indicator of the aerospace industry.

MTR combines a broad outlook with detailed analysis:

  • 10 year track record crossing several cyclical phases (2004-2007, 2008-2009, 2010-2015)
  • Streams of new information comprehensively scanned and scrutinized to detect advance signs of trend inflection or reversal

    MTR’s proprietary tracking system provides subscribers with near real-time information on global air traffic, and is supported by ID AERO’s internal calibration and verification services. Our in-house team collects data which is processed and analyzed to deliver forward-looking estimates. Monthly Tracking Report is wholly independent of other market indicators. Its analytical capabilities are unique. Information can be delivered to customer-specific criteria.


Since 2012, ID AERO has been the organiser of an annual breakfast conference for aerospace specialists to publicise our work on the present and future situation of air traffic in the context of the global Aerospace Economy.

Pierre Orlan, ID AERO Managing Partner, explains air traffic forecasting at SpeedNews conference in Toulouse.