As an approved training organization, ID AERO offers courses and seminars on aviation economics.

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Training is delivered by engineers, economists and consultants and overseen by a director of training programs. Sessions have as their main aim the initial grasp and fuller understanding of the broad fundamentals .

Participants acquire basic knowledge of the aerospace markets, gain insight into the underlying important, but not necessarily fully understood issues, and are thus better equipped for informed decision-making.

ID AERO also organizes customized training sessions, both inside or outside of a given organization. Please contact us for details and more particularly for funding that may be available to support training initiatives.

Our approach to training

For over fifteen years, the company ID AERO provides various training modules in economic and technical fields.

Trainees completing courses
in last 15 years

Manual and office workers

Engineers, management and technicians
Group between

trainees per session

Training by ID AERO is governed by the general approaches described below, which :

  1. Training accessible to all, no matter initial qualifications.
  2. Training to last a single day per module (but may under certain conditions be split into two half days).
  3. Training delivered to small groups, optimal number between 8 and 12. This is ideal for lively discussion. If group size exceeds 12, additional training sessions may be required.
  4. All training modules use video-projected training materials and are led by an ID AERO trainer who is a qualified aerospace engineer. Each trainee receives paper-based course materials illustrating and reproducing the slides and tables projected in session. Learning material is included in training fee payable. Modules are constantly updated in the light of the most recent economic data.
  5. Training days are rounded off with a short discussion session .

Main Training Module

Economic slant:

  • Fundamentals of aerospace industry - Level I
  • Fundamentals of aerospace industry - Level II
  • Employment in aerospace industry
  • Aerospace engine manufacture: techniques and economy

Technical slant:

  • How do aero-engines work?
  • How do planes fly?

Specific training modules in response to individual request:

Please contact us if you have any training needs involving the aerospace industry (air transport, MRO...)